Episode #72 - The Beer Podcast!
The 40oz. Of Horror! Podcast

Episode #72 – The Beer Podcast!

On this special episode of the 40oz. Of Horror BEER Podcast Chad and James welcome two special guests to the show, including the “Master” brewer from their favorite local brewery. Discussions range from The X-Files to Nazis to beer science and, of course, Kurt Russell. While you listen to this beer podcast, head over to […]

World War Z

The Six Highest Grossing Horror Movies of 2013

Horror movies continue to make a dent in the cinema world primarily because of films that center on zombie attacks and the supernatural. These topics have been hot ones for the past few years and that remains true in 2013. Now that we’re getting close to the year’s end, we wanted to take a look […]

Top 5 Zombie Apocalypse Don'ts
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Top 5 Zombie Apocalypse Don’ts

These days, we’re always hearing about how to survive the impending zombie apocalypse. It seems that everyone has an opinion on what you should do, but what about the things you should not do? I’ve got the answers. Here are the Top 5 zombie apocalypse don’ts. 5. Crossbows. You are not Daryl Dixon — just […]