Paranormal Investigation Series 'Kindred Spirits' Coming to TLC - Amy Bruni & Adam Berry
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[VIDEO] Paranormal Investigation Series ‘Kindred Spirits’ Headed to TLC

Grab your thermal-imaging cameras and your EMF detectors, gang, because ex-‘Ghost Hunters’ members Amy Bruni and Adam Berry are coming back to TV! The dynamic duo are helming their very own paranormal investigation series, Kindred Spirits. And I. Am. STOKED! It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Ghost Hunters on SyFy. The first few seasons were very […]

Dying Light

The Very Best Zombie Video Games

One of the greatest delights for fans of the horror and monster genres in recent years has been the rise of zombies in pop culture. In film, on television, and in gaming, zombies have grown extraordinarily popular, to the point that they now more or less occupy their own genre. That’s particularly true in gaming, […]

Extreme Ghostbusters Toy Collection


One of the major recognitions of 2014 to genre fans was the 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters — a movie that continues to inspire new audiences and entertain the old ones; spawning not only a sequel (and another on the way) but a major driving force of 1980’s animation: ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ (later known as ‘Slimer and The Real […]

Best Horror Movies of 2014

[POLL] 2014 40oz. Of Horror Awards: YOU VOTE!

It’s that time of year again! 2015 is underway and that means it’s time for the 2014 40oz. Of Horror Awards. Just like last year, the decision is in your hands. You can vote once per day, so vote as many times as you’d like. We will announce the winners on an upcoming episode of the […]