40oz. Of Horror! Podcast Episode 80

Episode #80 — “Oh shit, it’s the cops!” HorrorHound Weekend Recap

Hey guys, we’re here… it’s episode #80 of the 40oz. Of Horror! Podcast. We just got back from yet another HorrorHound Weekend where, as usual, hilarity ensued.

We review the remake of It… and read a few Reddit entries of erotic Pennywise fan fiction.

Of course we’ve got tons of horror news and an all new entry of Boozin’ Gone Bad.


Paranormal Investigation Series 'Kindred Spirits' Coming to TLC - Amy Bruni & Adam Berry

[VIDEO] Paranormal Investigation Series ‘Kindred Spirits’ Headed to TLC

Grab your thermal-imaging cameras and your EMF detectors, gang, because ex-‘Ghost Hunters’ members Amy Bruni and Adam Berry are coming back to TV!

The dynamic duo are helming their very own paranormal investigation series, Kindred Spirits. And I. Am. STOKED!

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Ghost Hunters on SyFy. The first few seasons were very compelling. Although I still tune in each week, the paranormal analysis in recent seasons has become lackluster, and the findings are dodgy at best. In the early years, the T.A.P.S. crew had to twist lead investigator Jason Hawes’ arm just to get him to admit a location was haunted. Now they seem to raise the “Haunted!” flag on nearly every episode.

The investigative crew on the current and final season of Ghost Hunters consists of backup replacements who make me feel like I’m watching Cousin Oliver-era Brady Bunch.

Because of the way the show has progressed, I sometimes find myself questioning the authenticity of those early seasons — which is sad, because back then, I was ready to march into battle for Jason and Grant. I mean, I’m not sure if that shit is real or not, but come on… be consistent. This is supposed to be science. Where’s the show I used to love? Where are the credible, skeptical investigators who initially drew me in? Grant Wilson, one of the founders of T.A.P.S., left the show a few years ago. What’s up with that? Much of the investigative crew on the current and final season of Ghost Hunters consists of backup replacements who make me feel like I’m watching Cousin Oliver-era Brady Bunch. Grab your water skis, Fonzarelli. Ayyy!

That’s what makes me even more excited about a new show on a different channel.

From TLC:

(Kindered Spirits) follows renowned ghost hunters Amy Bruni and Adam Berry as they help real families who are tormented by paranormal activity in their homes. Scared by the mysterious happenings, but hesitant to pick up and leave their homes, these families have turned to two of America’s leading paranormal investigators to capture evidence, guide the spirits into the light and bring closure to family. 

I’m pumped about Kindred Spirits.

Bruni and Berry jumped from the Ghost Hunters ship right after I felt like Ghost Hunters jumped the shark. They were two of my favorite skeptics on the show, often debunking claims and keeping the show feeling “real.” Or possibly real — you know what I mean. The pair also had great onscreen chemistry, which made their segments fun to watch. That’s why I’m pumped about Kindred Spirits. These two definitely have the potential to breathe new life into televised paranormal investigation and restore the believability of this genre. Cheers to Amy and Adam on an opportunity that this writer feels is well deserved.

Kindred Spirits premieres Friday, October 21, at 10/9c on TLC.

Check out the preview of Kindred Spirits. Will you be watching?


Ghostbusters Ecto-Cooler Returns

Thirsty Horror-Comedy Fans Rejoice, Ecto-Cooler is Coming Back

The latest entry in the Ghostbusters franchise is right around the corner. While the early response has been mixed, to say the least, we’re still looking forward to the upcoming reboot of the series. People can say what they want but as long it’s fun, funny, and involves the busting of ghosts, we couldn’t care less about the cast. We’ve written before about the awesomeness of the second animated series, and any child of the ’80s and ’90s will feel a bit of nostalgia thinking about the cartoons, playsets, and soft drinks spawned by our favorite ghosts.

Reactions to the reboot have bordered between the awe-inspired and the apoplectic concerning Paul Feig’s new take on the team with an all-female cast, but these fans might be missing the point. This isn’t a sequel and nobody has turned Egon and Venkman into women. This is a completely new take on the series with new characters for the new century that should be viewed as a completely separate entity from the first two films. We’re willing to have an open mind and the fact that it has the blessing of Bill Murray is enough for us to wait until we see the movie before we judge.

One thing about that movie that has helped get our hopes up has been the glut of newly licensed merchandise for the new generation. Activision has already announced a brand-new video game featuring your favorite paranormal investigators due to hit consoles this summer. And consoles aren’t the only platform getting in on the ghost hunting action. There’s a Ghostbusters slot-reel at this gaming platform available for both browsers and mobile devices that pays homage to the classic cast. It tasks players with pushing their luck against poltergeists as they try to line up the appropriate items from the first film. Additionally, there are rumblings of another mobile title being released for iOS and Android this summer called Slime City.

And speaking of slime, what about the single best piece of Ghostbusters licensing material ever created? No, not the firehouse playset, though that was pretty cool. We’re obviously talking about Hi-C Ecto Cooler. During the ’80s and ’90s, your classroom social credibility lived and died on whether or not you brought this with your lunch. And very soon you will be able to relive the halcyon days of the haunted lunchboxes of your youth. That’s right, Coca-Cola has announced that it is bringing back Ecto Cooler in both the classic juice boxes as well as 11.5 ounce cans. The orange-flavored, green-sugar slime was originally introduced in 1986 in promotion of the cartoon and long outlived its animated counterpart until it was discontinued in 2001.

Frankly, if bringing back our favorite childhood beverage is the only good thing to come from the reboot, it’s more than enough to make us happy. It’s been 15 long years since we were able to slime our tastebuds, and it’s high time that Hi-C got back with the program. The Ghostbusters reboot will hit theaters July 15, 2016.

40oz. Of Horror Awards

[POLL] Vote for the Best of Horror in 2015 — The 40oz. Of Horror Awards Are Back!

It’s that time of year again! 2016 is underway and that means it’s time for the 2015 40oz. Of Horror Awards. Just like last year, the decision is in your hands. You can vote once per day, so vote as many times as you’d like. We will announce the winners on an upcoming episode of the 40oz. Of Horror Podcast.

Dying Light

The Very Best Zombie Video Games

One of the greatest delights for fans of the horror and monster genres in recent years has been the rise of zombies in pop culture. In film, on television, and in gaming, zombies have grown extraordinarily popular, to the point that they now more or less occupy their own genre. That’s particularly true in gaming, where there are zombie-filled options at every turn. And yet within zombie gaming, there are still all different kinds of games. Here’s our look at the best options for different gamer preferences.

For Strategy Gamers

Some may not see a difference between strategy and survival in zombie games—until they try DoubleBear Productions’ Dead State. Of course the goal in pretty much any zombie gaming experience is to survive, but Dead State goes further, challenging you to thrive. In a way, it almost plays like a civilization-building game within the context of a zombie apocalypse. Basically, you’re thrust into a crumbling society (in an RPG format) and must make alliances with others, gather supplies, and fortify your shelter in order to endure the apocalypse.

For Puzzle Gamers

For puzzle lovers, we’d recommend what’s become arguably the most famous zombie-themed gaming experience out there: Plants vs. Zombies 2, the arcade and app game designed by PopCap. Playing almost like a cross between checkers and a tower defense format, PvZ 2 is silly and cartoonish, but it actually makes for a nice, challenging puzzle experience. You basically deploy zombie-battling plants as you please, placing them strategically on a checkered grid to fend off waves of the undead.

For Goofy Gamers

PvZ 2 is a decent option for those who want to take zombies a little bit more lightly, but Intercasino’s The Zombies also offers a goofy twist on the genre. A slot machine game at heart, The Zombies employs graphics and animations essentially plugging zombie characters into a suburban environment, as if they’re happy, ordinary families. It isn’t an ordinary zombie game in that there isn’t much in the way of action or battles, but it’s good for some casual fun.

For Survival Gamers

For those who prefer survival games—those in which the idea is simply to survive as long as possible—the 2015 PS4, Xbox One, and Windows game Dying Light is the best option out there. Developed by Techland, Dying Light thrives thanks to its beautiful graphics, open world environment, and creative day/night concept. Basically, you use the daytime to collect resources and prepare for survival before spending the night fighting off vicious zombies.

For Killing Spree Gamers

Many of the best zombie games involve quite a bit of killing (or at least subduing of the undead). But if that’s your primary interest—gunning down as many zombies as you can handle—the best option may still be the zombie modes within Treyarch’s Call Of Duty games for major consoles. These, too, are survival games, in that they basically last for as long as you do. But more than in games like Dying Light or Dead State, the primary objective is simply to gun down the legions of undead sauntering your way.

Extreme Ghostbusters Toy Collection


Extreme Ghostbusters Toy Collection
Who you gonna call?

One of the major recognitions of 2014 to genre fans was the 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters — a movie that continues to inspire new audiences and entertain the old ones; spawning not only a sequel (and another on the way) but a major driving force of 1980’s animation: ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ (later known as ‘Slimer and The Real Ghostbusters’). Fast forward twenty-five years from that era and one will likely pass over 1997. Which is unfortunate as in that very year, the producers of the original series created a short run sequel series entitled ‘Extreme Ghostbusters’.   The show featured a variety of writers that also worked on the original series, incorporating past events to bridge the time gap and also hope to slime some life back into the franchise like it was the Statue of Liberty on New Year’s Eve.

Editors note: We originally wanted to run this piece along with the 2014 40oz. Of Horror Awards episode. Jeff rules. We sucked at getting the show out on time. Sorry Jeff, this article kicks ass!

Ghostbusters: A movie that continues to inspire new audiences and entertain the old ones

Debuting September 1st, 1997, Extreme Ghostbusters ran for a strong showing of 40 episodes in its one and only season. The storyline picked up well after the original team retired, having moved onto their own pursuits. As calm as the streets seemed, the supernatural wouldn’t stay away. In the premiere ‘Darkness at Noon’, a new team is assembled by original Ghostbusters (and this writer’s two personal favorites so that worked all the better) Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz. Fan favorite specter Slimer is still lingering around the old Fire House as well. Roland, Eduardo, Kylie and Garrett made up the new, diverse and modernized team. The latter remains the most talked about to this day because of his disability. Garrett was in a wheelchair, a characteristic that not only added a new dimension and reality to the superhero team, but a potential role model to younger viewers who also had the same or similar disability.

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Not all the episodes were winners but then again neither were all of the original series (especially in the final few seasons). Of particular mention is Episode 24 ‘Grundelesque’, a highlight episode that featured the return of The Grundel – one of the more sinister and spooktacular villains from the original Real Ghostbusters. Another episode that hits the creep factor aplenty, is Episode 5 ‘Deadliners’ which plays on the popular rise of horror writers like Stephen King and R.L. Stine with Clive Barker’s Cenobites. These villains seemed not only inspired by that ghastly crew but just as chilling and threatening. It goes without saying that the highlight of the entire series is the finale, a two-part episode ‘Back in the Saddle’ featuring the return of the original Real Ghostbusters Peter Venkman (Dave Coulier), Ray Stantz (Frank Welker) and Winston Zeddemore (Buster Jones). Bringing generations together, the originals have to suit up with the proton packs one more time to help the younger team vanquish the ultimate evil.

The finale was certainly the way to go for a series that was not picked up for another season despite syndication all across North America. All the right elements were there: Ecto-1, The Fire House, Egon (voiced by original actor Maurice LeMarche), Janine and Slimer, so it is disappointing that the series was not able to carry on. There was even merchandising brought forth by toy company Trendmasters – an entire line of action figures (notably missing Garrett) and a very cool Ecto-1. Overseas, fans got to enjoy Extreme Ghostbuster Video Games such as “The Ultimate Invasion” for the Playstation (if only Playstation systems this side of the World could play PAL format). Briefly released in Canada and USA were three VHS volumes of episodes; distributed by Columbia Tri-Star Home Entertainment. Australia and the United Kingdom got DVD treatments but again, incomplete. Whatever the reason, rights holders Sony Pictures Television, Bohbots Kids Network and Adelaide Productions should really consider the viable interest in an official DVD or Blu-Ray release. The interest in the franchise as a whole has resurfaced significantly. In fact, a North American company such as Shout Factory could do this series justice. In the meantime, franchise fans can resort to Youtube, Torrents, or burned DVDs on the convention circuit unless they want to place an Ebay bid on those VHS’s. Regardless, this is the 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters and now is the time of the year where we can enjoy a series that deserves to take its place amongst the hierarchy of movie tie-in animation. Hopefully by the 40th, we will all still be asking “Who are you going to call?”

Source Information found from Wikipedia and TV.com.