Boneshaker IPA

[BEER REVIEW] Chewed to the Bone – Guest Blogger Jeff Takes a Look at Amsterdam’s BONESHAKER IPA

Boneshaker IPA
At 7.1%, Boneshaker IPA gets you where you need to be.

Editor’s note: Jeff is a fan of the 40oz. Of Horror Podcast and submitted this review. If you would like to do the same, just email

As much as I love horror, I also love beer so it’s quite fitting that my debut review for 40oz. of Horror falls in the latter. I’ll admit, living in Ontario, Canada I feel that I have nowhere near the beer choices of my American friends (and since I visit the U.S.A. as often as I can I know that feeling to be true!).

That said, walking into our L.C.B.O. tonight I found quite the chilling beer called Boneshaker IPA.

I was pleasantly surprised to see it was brewed by Toronto’s own Amsterdam Brewery. I feel like copying and pasting their exact description from the bottle would be plagiarism, but let me just note they use “copious quantities” of hops during a 90 minute boil. If that doesn’t appeal to your taste buds, I don’t know what will. Personally, I just like the skeleton on the bottle because that suits the horror enjoyment quite well.

What I like about this particular brew is that hoppy taste, with a cool and refreshing dryness if you will. It’s a nice beer to kick back with after a long day at work or a few hours of studying – especially if there’s a real storm brewing in the air so there’s that oncoming smell of nature’s beast and the strong breeze. That’s just pure relaxation through and through. And why shouldn’t it be? This beer rocks at 7.1% alcohol by volume (that’s 355 ml. bottles by the way).

I’m on my second one already and certainly feeling the effect.

I swear it’s the hops more than anything. I did learn from my beer connoisseur best friend Jeff Currie that he is friends with the Amsterdam brewer himself, Jamie Mistry. I don’t know Jamie, but I definitely would tip my hat in appreciation for this brew; as should all of you! Sadly I don’t know the extent of Amsterdam Brewery beer available in the USA, but since I know there are Canadian readers here, I do recommend you jet on out to our Beer Stores or L.C.B.O’s and pick up a 6-pack!

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[Beer Review] Revolution Brewing Company’s TV Party soma-coats the masses

Revolution Brewing Company: Drink, drank, drunk!
Drink, drank, drunk!

While you kids are hashtagging #YOLO, Bub is gash-bashing some sweet, sweet nectar of the gods. TV Party Rye IPA from Revolution Brewing Company is a solid beer and should be considered the next time you’re sitting around your TV… instead of being outraged about the current state of our government and all the NSA snooping going on. I, for one, would like to thank Revolution Brewing Compant for making us all feel bad about our lack of political protests. Because, after all, at least they’re brewing beer dammit to soma-coat the masses.

Editor’s note: I have no idea what the fuck was going on here… just go with it.

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Speaking of soma-coating, I’d like to give a shout out to one my fans, Henry J Winchester. Thanks for all the support. Bub appreciates it.

Buy this beer. Get off your butt. Get around a fire. Drink this beer.

What do you think of Revolution Brewing Company TV Party?

Dale's Pale Ale

Dale’s Pale Ale ‘Refined beer in a can’

Dale's Pale Ale
The blur of this photo surely indicates the kind of night Bub had while writing this review.

Originally published: March 11, 2014

Hey sons, Bub is back and mo drunk then eva!

Editor’s note: This blog was written fireside… After many beers… MANY beers.

This week’s review is Dale’s Pale Ale. Condisider this beer the High Life of craft beers, boys. This refined beer-in-a-can packs a hoppy punch with an overwhelming smooth finish… like your boyfriend in yo mouf.

The price is right for this sixer at only $8.99. The average man could be drinking this beer all night for cheap. If all 5 and a half inches of you can’t handle that then go back to sucking on your momma’s teat, brah.

Dale’s Pale Ale is the beer for you, kid. It gets 33 out of 40 ounces of horror. Deal wit it! I heard somethin’ ’bout you mama that you might not like. I heard she was a mound that held in the ocean waters.

What do you think about Dale’s Pale Ale?

What is your favorite pumpkin beer?

Poll: What is your favorite pumpkin beer

We want to know what pumpkin brew we should be drinking this Halloween, so we’re asking you: What is your favorite pumpkin beer?

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Crane Lake Pinot Noir

Bub’s Beer Review of… Wine – Crane Lake Pinot Noir

Bub’s doing a wine review, suckahs, for two reasons: One he’s drunk, and two wine is red like blood and zombies and shit. This wine happens to be a bottle of four buck chuck aka Crane Lake Pinto [sic] Noir. Noir means death and shit in France and Pinto is either a shitty car they make in France, or it means that this wine is made out of beans — but this don’t taste like no bean wine. Would a bum that only drinks Pino Noir be considered a beano?

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What you want to do with this here wine is let it air out in a decanter (that’s French for pretentious) for about a week. Then guzzle that shit like it’s nobody’s business.

Crane Lake Pinot Noir: Wine. Blood. French. Bub. 

Oh yeah it’s good once you air it out. See ya next time, suckahs.

Bub's review of Crane Lake Pinot Noir

VIDEO: Bub’s Review of Newcastle Werewolf Blood Red Ale

Happy Halloween!

Bub has got a special treat for us just in time for Halloween… a vlog review of Newcastle Werewolf Blood Red Ale.

Is it a good brew? Let’s see what Bub thinks.

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Have you tried Newcastle Werewolf Blood Red Ale?