Urban Gothic by Brian Keene

Suggested Reading: Urban Gothic by Brian Keene

Another book by Brian Keene, this “monster” story takes place in the ghettos of Philadelphia.  The plot is reminiscent of a slasher film where it begins with a group of kids who’s car breaks down in a questionable neighborhood and they take refuge in an abandoned house where they are hunted one by one by […]

The Gathering Dead

Suggested Reading: The Gathering Dead by Stephen Knight

This is a book I just stumbled upon on Amazon and decided to check it out.  It’s another zombie book that is more from a military point of view.  The action starts immediately and doesn’t stop until the very last page.  Actually it doesn’t even stop there.  It was a bit tough to get past […]

The Rising by Brian Keene

Suggested Reading: The Rising by Brian Keene

As an adult, reading is something that I never really got into. My wife says I lack imagination, because I could never understand how she could read the same books over and over — or how she could laugh or cry over words written on a page. But I actually read a lot as a […]


40oz. of Horror Absorbs Issue 100 of The Walking Dead

James: “Anyone can die at anytime.” It’s common knowledge in the 40 Oz. of Horror world that Chad and James approach, consume and review their horror in wildly different manners. Whereas James was poised and ready to devour the new and highly anticipated issue of The Walking Dead, Chad took his time, anxious about what […]


The Walking Dead Novel Cover Art Released!

Thanks to The Walking Dead Podcast for the following: The cover art for The Walking Dead Novel “Rise Of The Governor” has been released. The book will be the first of three books and will detail the back story of The Governor. The novel will be written by Robert Kirkman along with horror vet Jay […]