Serial Killer Shop Review
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[REVIEW] Serial Killer Shop’s T-Shirts Slay!

If you pay attention to what’s going on in horror through social media, chances are you’ve bumped into Serial Killer Shop, a fashion and lifestyle brand that sells T-shirts, hats, magnets and more. In fact, like 40oz. Of Horror, you might be one of their 27,000 Instagram followers. I finally got around to adding a couple Serial Killer […]

9 Halloween Costumes You Wore as a Kid in the 80s and 90s
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9 Halloween Costumes You Totally Wore as a Kid in the ’80s and ’90s

I wanted to revisit the Halloween costumes our generation wore during the golden era of Halloween in the 1980s and 90s. Our costumes were nothing less than battle armor that protected us as we ventured into the darkness in search of every illuminated porch light in town. They transformed us into 4-foot-tall elite trick-or-treating, candy-eating, smell-my-feeting machines. So here […]

40oz. Of Horror Podcast episode 61
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We're starting a blog here at 40oz. Of Horror!

With the 40oz. crew becoming more disjointed as life takes us in different directions, we’ve talked about starting a blog. “Blogging?” you ask, “What will you blog? Horror?” Maybe. But this blog will be an outlet for us to catch up with friends and keep you posted on what’s happening behind the scenes at 40oz. […]