Dale's Pale Ale
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Dale’s Pale Ale ‘Refined beer in a can’

Originally published: March 11, 2014 Hey sons, Bub is back and mo drunk then eva! Editor’s note: This blog was written fireside… After many beers… MANY beers. This week’s review is Dale’s Pale Ale. Condisider this beer the High Life of craft beers, boys. This refined beer-in-a-can packs a hoppy punch with an overwhelming smooth […]

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Het Anker’s Lucifer — Satan’s Brew

Bub’s at it again with the horror themed beers. Getting sick of it yet? I’ll bet not. Sure, this is probably more biblical themed than horror, but Satan does make his way into some horror flicks. I’m not a horror expert, so I’ll just leave that to James and Chad. Who knows? Maybe this very […]

rigor mortis quadrupel
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Rigor Mortis Quadrupel — Stiffy Time

Well for those who follow me on Twitter (@Bubsbeerblog) or Facebook (facebook.com/bubsbeerblog), you should know by now that I was on a diet and therefore couldn’t drink for a couple of weeks. It’s safe to say that I can officially drink again and in fact did so a little too much over the weekend in […]