Phantasm: Ravager - The Tall Man
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OUT OF THIS SPHERE-ICAL WORLD! – Fans should be pleased with Phantasm RaVager

…and closure to a long, loved franchise Over the last several years, rumors were abounding that Don Coscarelli was prepping a fourth sequel to one of the most mind-bending horror films of the late 70’s: Phantasm. The last sequel, Part IV: Oblivion was direct-to-video in 1998 and received mixed reactions from franchise fans. Production limitations, […]

Halloween Series Trailers Ranked
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TRICK OR TREAT BABY! Ranking the trailers of the entire ‘HALLOWEEN’ series

Now that we’re in single digits in our countdown to the greatest day of the year — Halloween, if you’re new here — it’s only proper to acknowledge the definitive granddaddy of all seasonal horror series. Always important to any project is the marketing, and theatrical trailers have become a staple of anticipation, no matter the genre, as they are […]