40oz. Of Horror! Podcast Episode 80

Episode #80 — “Oh shit, it’s the cops!” HorrorHound Weekend Recap

Hey guys, we’re here… it’s episode #80 of the 40oz. Of Horror! Podcast. We just got back from yet another HorrorHound Weekend where, as usual, hilarity ensued.

We review the remake of It… and read a few Reddit entries of erotic Pennywise fan fiction.

Of course we’ve got tons of horror news and an all new entry of Boozin’ Gone Bad.


40oz. Of Horror Podcast Episode 79

Episode #79 — Eat Your Weight in Pizza Rolls

We’ve been drinking for 2 days. So sit down, “criss-cross-applesauce,” with a 150 pizza rolls, because it’s time to podcast.

In this episode of the 40oz. Of Horror! Podcast, we talk video games, horror movies, fighting, and… beer.

40oz. Of Horror! Podcast Episode #78

Episode #78 — The World at Your Fingertips; Chad’s Better at the Internet than You

Chug that beer! The 40oz. Of Horror! Podcast is here.

In this episode we talk about the Oscar buzz around Get Out, the possible new addition to the “Cloververse” titled Overlord, The Devil’s Rock, Bates Motel and the reboot of Tales From the Crypt.


Episode #77 – Happy New Year… Let’s Get Drunk

Happy New Year! We’re sitting here in the studio and it looks like we’re set up for bad porn. We’re drinking 10% beer… Let’s go to the movies, my friend!

James and I had a hard time remembering what happened — what movies we watched in — 2016 and we’re trying to figure out what’s in store for 2017.

What do you want us to talk about in 2017?




Chad Flying the W

Episode 76 – Chad & James’ Lives Have Been Changed Forever

James got married in an epic Halloween wedding. We partied till dawn, drinking all the things — I’m pretty sure his wife stapled money to a man’s face. The Cubs finally won the World Series. And our very own little podcast got a killer review in Rue Morgue Magazine! My life is complete.

We’re back in action this episode — or as much as we can be after all the excitement  — so bear with us.

Kick back a couple cold ones. You’re tuned to the 40oz. Of Horror Podcast.

40oz. Of Horror Podcast episode 61

Episode #75 – Get Ready for the 40oz. Of Horror VIDEO Podcast

Hey guys, we look like we’re sitting in a dirty porn studio…

“What does that mean?” you ask. We’ve got a live stream video podcast of 40oz. Of Horror coming your way! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date.

And that’s not all. We’ve been busy as hell!

Aside from building the studio for the 40oz. Of Horror Video Podcast, we’ve got a few other things in the works. We revamped the website, check it out. James has been busy with his handmade mask business, Creepshow Studios. Check out his stuff on Instagram. There are two more big things in the works… One has to do with a wrestling podcast (oops, I’ve said too much) and the other… well lets just say comes in a 40oz. bottle.

We’ve got plenty of questions for you in this episode — and, of course, plenty of horror news including our thoughts on Rob Zombie’s 31, Stranger ThingsThe Exorcist television series (check out our episode 1 recap here) and MORE. Please hit us up in the comments section below or on social media.

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Episode #74 – We Survived the Indy 500

Welcome back gang. Our Memorial Day Weekend turned into our very own #BoozinGoneBad. We went to the 100th running of the greatest spectacle in racing, the Indy 500… and lived to tell the tale!