About 40oz Of Horror

The #1 Drunken Horror Podcast on iTunes™

40oz. Of Horror is a hilarious podcast featuring horror movie news and drunken reviews. Hosts Chad Butrum and James Dunn discuss all things horror all while knocking back a fine selection of booze and brews.

The high school pals turned drinking buddies have always shared a unique brand of horror fanaticism. Creating the 40oz. Of Horror Podcast was a way for them to mold their obsessions into a product for a larger audience. The two were already fan fixtures at horror conventions and counted movie screenings and in-depth discussions as integral parts of their lives, but it wasn’t until they made their show available to the masses that they encountered hundreds of fellow fans they never would have gotten a chance to reach. Their enthusiastic and unpretentious approach to celebrating the genre proved to be a genuine and unique method to these friends they’ve made along the way.

“That’s how it all got started,” says Chad, “Over a few beers at horror conventions.”

Chad Butrum

Staunch Freddy fan Chad Butrum enjoys all things horror and is one half of the 40oz. Of Horror Podcast. His other interests include heavy metal, baseball and bottled beer. Follow Chad on Twitter @TheChadButrum

James Dunn

James Dunn is cohost of the 40oz. Of Horror Podcast. Raised on late night television and Sammy Terry, he is a rabid horror cinephile who enjoys making monsters in his spare time. Follow him on Twitter @JamesDunn81.