A bold new ‘Jurassic’ movie with some dino hatchling extras on the side

In the world of streaming digital media, the “home video market” – or perhaps disc market –continues for those of us loyal enough to still want the physical copy gracing their shelves. That is why the addition of store exclusives has become such a sought-after perk to the buyer’s itinerary. The bigger the movie, the more promising the chance of Walmart, Target, Best Buy or F.Y.E. pushing out their own unique incentive spin on a movie or TV series. Happily, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom got to be one of them.

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Released in June, the movie certainly dared to explore new terrain and rather than rely on the prehistoric formula set by its four predecessors, this one took our new characters to a secluded, gothic, monster-in-the-house setting. Granted, we get to bid farewell to our accustomed adventure on the islands (including a heart-wrenching send-off for a prominent JP original dino – not the T-Rex thank God) but then it is full speed ahead to a wonderful mansion in northern California that comes complete with secret laboratory, genetic experimentation, glass-encased statues and modeled fossils. Any horror fan who decides to give this Jurassic a go will no doubt be pleased by the vicious and gruesome Indoraptor:  the closest thing to our favorite Roger Corman “Carnosaur” aggressiveness that we’ll likely see in this franchise only add on state-of-the-art animatronics and budget of several million in dollars.

When you watch a Jurassic movie, you want to be THERE when it comes to the visual department

New and recurring visitors to the Jurassic Park series could flock to retailers as of September 18th to pick up Fallen Kingdom. Target released a very nice set that ran similar to their Avengers: Infinity War exclusive, not only bundling a 4K Ultra HD disc and regular Blu-ray together, but throwing in a 28-Page Gallery Book and some Bonus Content to go along with it. Definitely the best bite for your buck. Walmart equally appealed to collectors and kids with their exclusive, offering small Funko Pop keychains of title characters Owen (played by Chris Pratt) and heroic Raptor “Blue” in a Limited Edition Gift Set. This one flew off the shelves by the way at several Walmart stores around this writer’s locale.

The audio is extremely well presented running through surround sound channels that even, at times, help you hear noises or dialogue that were hard to make out inside the movie theatre. It is important to note the welcome addition of the descriptive video service; an increasingly common feature on discs that help those visually impaired. Personally, I wish every release could do this as a member of my immediate family is visually impaired and benefits from this which makes watching movies all the more enjoyable.

When you watch a Jurassic movie, you want to be THERE when it comes to the visual department and one thing these movies do well…takes you there. The color tones are not oversaturated and provide a warmth when it needs to be, and can go dark with rich contrasts once the night time terrors roll around.

Spare no expense

Bonus features, while mainly kept to 3 minutes or less (thanks attention-deficit, phone-checking millennials haha), are included with several nifty takes of behind-the-scenes shots, interviews with cast and crew, and details on the new animatronics. There is a great video of a song by Justice Smith (who portrays Franklin in the film) on one of their final production days as he emits, through verse, his appreciation of participating. Additional video segments of Chris Pratt, called “Journals” are tossed in; while it seems like this series has become totally Pratt-pro, he genuinely is a good person who doesn’t take superstar status lightly and it’s shown in his comradery with cast and crew here. Lastly, honoring the franchise veteran, there is a great chat segment (a condensed roundtable if you will) with the legendary Ian Malcolm himself, Jeff Goldblum, who makes a welcome return in Fallen Kingdom.

Running just over 2 hours, definitely give this Jurassic World a viewing. It may not be your favorite but it takes Malcolm’s chaos theory and expanding on the mythology – eventually taking us where all fanboys long since planned for the potential of the series anyways so enjoy the ride and like JP character John Hammond (the late Richard Attenborough) says, “Spare no expense.”

Jeff T. Smith
Written by Jeff T. Smith
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