UPDATE 11/15/2016: Ringside Collectibles has restocked Paige Zombie! 

Everyone loves his or her horror toys. For adult collectors over the past 20 years, it has been your onslaught of McFarlane Movie Maniacs to Neca’s Cinema of Fear and beyond. As children, we enjoyed The Real Ghostbusters and who could not love when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles became the Universal Monsters. In a retro move to recapture the creative imagination of our youth, Mattel recently put out a new line of WWE toys which has proved to be very popular among not just the action figure community but the horror community as well.

Triple H WWE Zombie Toy

This Triple H WWE Zombie would rather eat your face off than hit you with the sledge hammer.

Yes, it seems Zombies are everything these days thanks to The Walking Dead so it is no wonder that the creative, along with WWE, would license this new line to bring a bit of horror to the wrestling ring. Considering the WWE’s PG conservative position they have taken (much to the dismay of us Attitude Era generation – or the classic 80’s & 90’s for that matter), this is a bold move.

Consisting of seven toys in the line, each sports a different articulation to make these wrestlers look like they’ve been hit with a running chainsaw than a stalling suplex. John Cena, The Rock, Triple H, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Paige and Roman Reigns make up the WWE Zombies line; offering a diversity of detail – some for better and some for worse. Any wrestling fan knows that The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt are staples of any horror related elements found on WWE TV, so to see The Rock with rotting eyes is quite the sight.

For all the controversy involving Paige and her continual suspensions from WWE, her likeness is still one valued by collectors and kids. Hence, if you’re looking for Paige, she is the most difficult to find in the line and even Ringside Collectibles sold out rather quickly. Honestly, the figure isn’t that detailed and perhaps Mattel should have picked a more suitable Charlotte or Sasha Banks to decompose. The same with The Rock – both of these toys are probably the most lackluster of the line. On the opposite end, The Undertaker has purple flames around his ripped tissue forearms and that is beyond cool. A supernatural phenom in your hands!

The best of this line falls to Triple H; doing the best Mortal Kombat Shao Khan look complete with battered and bloodshed articulation. He doesn’t even have a jaw for crying out loud!  Ripped right off. Muscle tissue galore. It’s just a glorious toy. Even a non-wrestling, horror genre fan, would be hard pressed to leave this one sitting on the shelf.

Released in stores two months before Halloween was a great way to stir up the seasonal interest and make them a commodity on the collector shelves. The line has proved so popular that Mattel is releasing a second wave, this time, having WWE talent appear as Mutants!  Whether PG or GORE-ified Rated R Superstars (a little nod to Edge there), there is no doubt that horror is strong across the board and it is refreshing to see the genre respected and incorporated into other entertainment brands.

Jeff T. Smith
Written by Jeff T. Smith
Jeff is a Canadian-born Horror-holic — or alcoholic depending on whom you ask. His interest falls mainly into the horror genre, but does enjoy a variety of beer and alcohol. He also was a former Creative Writer in the Ontario Independent Wrestling scene and performed as villainous ringside Manager Kyle Davenport. Unapologetically driven and creative, Jeff isn’t afraid to speak his mind or share his opinion. Follow Jeff on Twitter @KDavJeff or Find on Facebook at facebook.com/jeff.t.smith.3.