40oz. Of Horror! Podcast

“[40oz. Of Horror] have claimed a stake for themselves as the unabashed party animals in the horror podcast scene.”

-Rue Morgue Magazine

You guys, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t proud of our boys Chad and James. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t proud of this little podcast. I’d really be lying if I said that we all weren’t struck fucking speechless when we saw a positive review of the 40oz. Of Horror! Podcast in the latest issue of Rue Morgue Magazine!

For James… this is his mag, man! This is his Rolling Stone!

We didn’t know the review was happening, but it did. We didn’t start this thing because of us. It’s never been about us. It all started at the horror cons, meeting new friends and talking horror over some beers. We’re humbled and grateful. Thanks for sticking with us. Thanks for drinking up. Check out the review below.

From Rue Morgue:

“More often than not, swilling brews and booze can lead to dumb jokes or obnoxious rants. As such, I was wary about a podcast called 40oz. Of Horror and even more hesitant when the first episode I heard consisted of them discussing the douchebaggery and debauchery of the Indy 500. And yet, I found myself won over by these genre superfans who have claimed a stake for themselves as the unabashed party animals in the horror podcast scene. Their love for horror is as apparent as their appreciation of fine, micro-brewed lager. Friends since childhood, show hosts Chad Butrum and James Dunn have zero pretentious in their approach to horror, and their genuine affection for one another is as obvious as it is infectious. They cover the latest in horror news along with your typical fanboy updates but also veer into their other interests, including racing, wrestling and other sports. It would be easy to slam a couple guys for sucking suds and yacking it up but Chad and James are likable enough that it works, and I must admit, that if I were inclined to pound back a six-pack and listen to a horror podcast, this would be my show of choice… especially since their belches sound so vivid you can practically smell them. Bottoms up!”

Brandon Gentry
Written by Brandon Gentry
Brandon Gentry is a horror fan, Media Director & contributor for 40ozOfHorror.com. You can hear him drinking malt liquor as a regular guest on the 40oz. of Horror Podcast Follow Brandon on Twitter @brandongentry.