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One of the greatest delights for fans of the horror and monster genres in recent years has been the rise of zombies in pop culture. In film, on television, and in gaming, zombies have grown extraordinarily popular, to the point that they now more or less occupy their own genre. That’s particularly true in gaming, where there are zombie-filled options at every turn. And yet within zombie gaming, there are still all different kinds of games. Here’s our look at the best options for different gamer preferences.

For Strategy Gamers

Some may not see a difference between strategy and survival in zombie games—until they try DoubleBear Productions’ Dead State. Of course the goal in pretty much any zombie gaming experience is to survive, but Dead State goes further, challenging you to thrive. In a way, it almost plays like a civilization-building game within the context of a zombie apocalypse. Basically, you’re thrust into a crumbling society (in an RPG format) and must make alliances with others, gather supplies, and fortify your shelter in order to endure the apocalypse.

For Puzzle Gamers

For puzzle lovers, we’d recommend what’s become arguably the most famous zombie-themed gaming experience out there: Plants vs. Zombies 2, the arcade and app game designed by PopCap. Playing almost like a cross between checkers and a tower defense format, PvZ 2 is silly and cartoonish, but it actually makes for a nice, challenging puzzle experience. You basically deploy zombie-battling plants as you please, placing them strategically on a checkered grid to fend off waves of the undead.

For Goofy Gamers

PvZ 2 is a decent option for those who want to take zombies a little bit more lightly, but Intercasino’s The Zombies also offers a goofy twist on the genre. A slot machine game at heart, The Zombies employs graphics and animations essentially plugging zombie characters into a suburban environment, as if they’re happy, ordinary families. It isn’t an ordinary zombie game in that there isn’t much in the way of action or battles, but it’s good for some casual fun.

For Survival Gamers

For those who prefer survival games—those in which the idea is simply to survive as long as possible—the 2015 PS4, Xbox One, and Windows game Dying Light is the best option out there. Developed by Techland, Dying Light thrives thanks to its beautiful graphics, open world environment, and creative day/night concept. Basically, you use the daytime to collect resources and prepare for survival before spending the night fighting off vicious zombies.

For Killing Spree Gamers

Many of the best zombie games involve quite a bit of killing (or at least subduing of the undead). But if that’s your primary interest—gunning down as many zombies as you can handle—the best option may still be the zombie modes within Treyarch’s Call Of Duty games for major consoles. These, too, are survival games, in that they basically last for as long as you do. But more than in games like Dying Light or Dead State, the primary objective is simply to gun down the legions of undead sauntering your way.

Brandon Gentry
Written by Brandon Gentry
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