The Den

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I have a friend that suggested checking out this flick called The Den.

The story follows Elizabeth (Melanie Papalia) who gets a grant to interview individuals on the internet to create a thesis paper documenting how people interact on the internet — which goes to show the government will fund all types of pointless projects in the name of education. Through her “studies” she comes across a bunch of fucked up people with too much time on their hands.

The internet is full of videos and people that are just plain weird and prove you can find ANYTHING to help you get your rocks off. The movie uses some of these as comic relief to lessen the tension and to show the freaks are out there. One particular use of a giant dick dancing around the screen made me laugh out loud (think Dick-Head from Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie). The first time writer/director, Zachary Donahue, uses video chat similar to Chatroulette to create a found footage movie that is pretty effective.

I usually don’t like the Found Footage slant on movies because the camera angles don’t always make sense. The director actually used this style effectively including one view where the camera is being used in first person due to it being super glued to someone’s head making me say a resounding…yes. The fact that a movie/director can get into my desensitized head and make me think that was good is impressive.

The Den has a lot of effective jump scares, kills, masked shadow characters, and unknown motives that don’t become clear until the end of the movie.

This is Zach Donahue’s first full feature and is an independent film. I could not find how much it cost to make but they clearly put the money in the kills and not in the video which makes sense since it is supposed to be filmed using a computer camera so it works.

This is definitely one I would check out and I look forward to watching what Zach comes up with next though nothing has been announced yet.

Written by Dean
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