Dale’s Pale Ale ‘Refined beer in a can’

Dale's Pale Ale
The blur of this photo surely indicates the kind of night Bub had while writing this review.

Originally published: March 11, 2014

Hey sons, Bub is back and mo drunk then eva!

Editor’s note: This blog was written fireside… After many beers… MANY beers.

This week’s review is Dale’s Pale Ale. Condisider this beer the High Life of craft beers, boys. This refined beer-in-a-can packs a hoppy punch with an overwhelming smooth finish… like your boyfriend in yo mouf.

The price is right for this sixer at only $8.99. The average man could be drinking this beer all night for cheap. If all 5 and a half inches of you can’t handle that then go back to sucking on your momma’s teat, brah.

Dale’s Pale Ale is the beer for you, kid. It gets 33 out of 40 ounces of horror. Deal wit it! I heard somethin’ ’bout you mama that you might not like. I heard she was a mound that held in the ocean waters.

What do you think about Dale’s Pale Ale?

Mike Pence
Mike Pence

Many beers were drunk. I was there