Episode #57 - Robocop and sex in the olympic village

Webmaster’s Note: I have to first start off by saying that today we lost a great genius of comedy and it didn’t seem right posting this podcast without saying something. Harold Ramis, one of the world class comedy minds of our generation, died today at the age of 69. Many people know him as Egon Spengler, the brainy scientist with a dry sense of humor from the incredible paranormal comedy Ghostbusters. Not only did he star in the film, he was responsible for it. He created that piece of cinema gold — it spawned a franchise and a brand known around the world — and it doesn’t stop there. I read the same sentiment many times today: Chances are that Ramis created and/or directed one of your favorite comedies. It’s true. Ramis wrote, directed or acted in comedy classics such as Animal HouseStripesNational Lampoon’s: Vacation, and Groundhog Day, just to name a few. Although we recorded the following episode before we learned the sad news of his death, I’d like to take this opportunity to raise a glass and toast the life of another great, gone too soon. So long, Egon. Drink up! – Brandon Gentry

And like the McRib, we’re back! Although James’ professional life has made our schedule more than interesting, the 40oz. fans have been rabid as ever. We appreciate all the emails, Facebook messages and Tweets.

In this episode you know we’ve got all your horror news, releases and #boozingone bad stories, but we also discuss the Robocop remake. I liked it! Do you agree? Oh yeah and we also talk about sex in the olympic village LET’S GET TO IT!

Chad Butrum
Written by Chad Butrum
Staunch Freddy fan Chad Butrum enjoys all things horror and is one half of the 40 oz. Of Horror Podcast. His other interests include heavy metal, baseball and bottled beer. Follow Chad on Twitter @TheChadButrum