Hey-o! I know James is doing his 31 horror flicks countdown (good list!), but my webseries ZOMPIRE VIXENS FROM PLUTO! also has some cool treats for my most favorite of holiday seasons…

Foxy zombie/vampire hybrids attack Brooklyn in retaliation for the declassification of Pluto as a planet, rendering the Zompires ineligible for intergalactic aid.

We are releasing one new episode each Thursday from our staged reading last February as part of the Women in Horror Month. On All Hallows Eve, episode number six goes live, giving you a full half season of the very campy, very vampy, pretty gore-rrific ZOMPIRE VIXENS FROM PLUTO!

ZOMPIRES IN THE PARK! series teaser-

Episode 1 – The Land that Science Forgot



Written by jennapayne
Writer/director/producer of horror films and comedies! ZOMPIRE VIXENS FROM PLUTO! / FELINE FRENZY / and an upcoming feature-length slasher...