31 days of Halloween movie list

It’s that time of the year again. Halloween is looming and I’ve got the ultimate 31 movie countdown for you to watch this October.

So grab some beers, popcorn and a comfortable seat because we’re putting in some serious work this Halloween.

This is my list of movies to watch this Halloween. What would you recommend?

1. Twice Dead
2. Suspiria
3. Alucard
4. Halloween II
5. Death Ship
6. Spookies
7. A Nightmare Before Christmas
8. Return of the Living Dead
9. Let’s Scare Jessica To Death
10. The Beyond
11. Hands of the Ripper
12. Frankenstein / The Bride of Frankenstein (Double Feature)
13. The Lords of Salem
14. The Wicker Man
15. The Bad Seed
16. The Innocents
17. The Changeling
18. Friday the 13th Part VII
19. The Fall of the House of Usher
20. Monster Squad
21. House of the Devil
22. Last Man On Earth / House on Haunted Hill (Double Feature)
23. Scream
23. Night of the Demons
25. Trick ‘R Treat
26. Psycho
27. Halloween III
28. Day of the Dead
29. Dawn of the Dead
30. Night of the Living Dead

And number 31… HALLOWEEN!

James Dunn
Written by James Dunn
James Dunn is cohost of the 40oz. Of Horror Podcast. Raised on late night television and Sammy Terry, he is a rabid horror cinephile who enjoys making monsters in his spare time. Follow him on Twitter @JamesDunn81.