Movie Review: ‘Evil Dead’ – How much blood is enough blood? Just one more gallon

Evil DeadEvil DeadEvil Dead

Just saying the title evokes passions from horror fans — the casual and diehard alike. So to announce they were going to “remake” this classic really put a burr in some people’s saddles.

Then we saw the trailer.

It had all the elements: the quick shots through the woods, the blood, Sam Raimiʼs ’73 Olds Delta 88, the blood, the Necronomicon, the blood, tree rape, more blood — did I mention the blood yet? Holy crap, that was a lot of damn blood. Some reports say it was 10,000 gallons of it. Pretty sure I saw 10,001. Oh, and also Sam Raimi and Bruce damn Campbell are producers!? How can we not love this!?

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And donʼt worry if you havenʼt seen it — Iʼm not going to ruin anything for you. This is a review, not a spoiler.

Now, there a certain things that will take me out of a movie — poor visual effects being the most common, just in front of people using “555” in their phone numbers. Evil Dead pulled me in and never let me go. If youʼre a fan of great effects and gore, you will love this. No bad CGI, 100 percent practical effects all the way. And it shows. It’s done so well, the makeup and effects department SHOULD be nominated for — and win — the Academy Award. But we all know how those Hollywood types respond to horror movies.

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Another thing that will remove me from a movie? Acting — or, I should say, the lack thereof. Again, Evil Dead comes through. Jane Levy is (to steal a Chad Butrum buzzword) phenomenal. The entire cast, for that matter, is excellent. And I think it helps having fairly new actors. Well, maybe new to me. I only knew one chick from Cloverfield, but even that didnʼt ruin anything for me. I felt the characters, and nothing was forced. They had very believable deliveries in the midst of, you know… the blood. Have I said that yet? Blood?

The dialogue was spot on as well. And I know that might sound weird, but think about it: How many times in a movie do you get annoyed when they bring up things that date it? Nobody mentioned Facebook or Twitter, no one was using an iPhone or iPad. Nothing to make you think, “Oh yeah, remember when?” Evil Dead has really made an effort to become another timeless classic. And in my opinion, it wins.

So, for whatever it counts — my rambling, that is — Iʼm gonna go ahead and give this a 10 out of 10. Perfection. Some may disagree. But, hey, that’s why the Internet exists.

Evil Dead: Stop what youʼre doing and go see it.

And the blood.

Evil Dead, in theaters April 5, 2013.

Are you going to see Evil Dead?

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man, sorry for the double post. i got a posting error the first time and had to rewrite it and then it goes and posts them both.


I'm not sure about the 100% practical effects. i think there was a small bit of CG in the beginning with the fire. I just think there's no way to safely do that with practical effects and make it look the way it looked without hurting someone. But i will say that it's probably 99.9% practical effects.

loved every single minute of it! And oh! the BLOOD! So much blood.

Stick around the theater for the after credits scene!

we did our podcast on the originals, and we'll post Friday. (tons of spoilers, for all 3 originals and the new one, so watch them all before you listen).


I think there was SOME CG... that bit in the beginning witht the fire. i'm not sure how they would do that non-CG without seriuosly hurting someone. But i do agree that 99% of effects were practical.

Just a huge success of a remake/sequal... loved every minute of it! So much blood!

we did our podcast this week on the original, it should be up Friday (full of spoilers for all 3 originals and the new one, so definitely see the movies before listening).


Saw it last night, I left very happy. Fun, fast and of course the blood! I was so happy to see real effort in effects rather then the usual shitty cgi. Consider this horror lover entertained and impressed.