40oz. Of Horror at Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati

We set up guerrilla style in the middle of the madness at the Horrorhound Weekend horror convention in Cincinnati, Ohio… and then it got weird.

Kickstarter contributor, and new friend of the show, Jared Rexer sat in as guest host for the night — Jared proved worthy and helped us drink all the things — welcome to the 40oz. Of Horror Family!

We interview Horrorhound Magazine’s Manging Editor, Aaron Crowell and… wait for it… lead singer from the kickass heavy metal band Gwar, Oderus Urungus!

And what would Horrorhound Weekend be if the 40oz. Of Horror crew didn’t bring you Drunk Rick Grimes and a live Boozin’ Gone Bad?

Of course we also have horror news, What the Fuck News and DVD releases.

Chad Butrum
Written by Chad Butrum
Staunch Freddy fan Chad Butrum enjoys all things horror and is one half of the 40 oz. Of Horror Podcast. His other interests include heavy metal, baseball and bottled beer. Follow Chad on Twitter @TheChadButrum