The Last Stand Movie Review

When all you do is watch horror movies, it’s a nice reprieve to catch a no-nonsense, turn your brain off, kick ass action flick. That is exactly what I was hoping for with The Last Stand (Arnold Schwarzenegger and Johnny Knoxville), and that is exactly what I got. It’s no secret that we love our 80’s action heroes, especially with the lack of true action icons these days. I have to admit, I enjoy when the old guys come back for more, i.e. The Expendables, Rocky Balboa, Rambo.

Let me say this… Schwarzenegger is back!

The Last Stand is directed by the mastermind behind 2011’s I Saw the Devil, Kim Jee-Woon (There’s your horror connection) and he pulls no punches. Arnold couldn’t have been aligned with a better helmer to handle his comeback as a lead. Schwartzenegger is old and he knows it. There’s plenty of good natured nods towards it and none of his action scenes are too over-the-top or cheesy.  It’s obvious that he’s a tad rusty and some of his lines are a bit off, but really, probably due to his accent, all his movies are kind of like that.

The Last Stand is a classic shoot’em up, car chase, fist fight that Arnold’s always been known for. There’s plenty of action and violence with a surprisingly decent amount of blood. Even the comedy is well placed and not too cheesy.  Johnny Knoxville plays the town goofball / gun nut and is the obvious comic relief, to which he plays the role well.  Some people may not like him much as an actor, but I’ve always  found is roles pretty hilarious.

And then there’s the car… This may be just for the guys, but the car is awesome. A stealthy, suped up, Corvette ZR1, that the escaped bad guy is driving from LA to the Mexican border, right through Sheriff Arnold’s town. So, naturally there is going to be a car chase, which is done really well and kind of an homage to the classic car chase movies of the ’70s. Don’t worry, Arnold gets himself some drive time, as well, when he lands himself a Camaro ZL1.

So, if you like this action sort of stuff, do yourself a favor and go see The Last Stand. We don’t get good fun movies like this very often.

The Last Stand: In theaters everywhere January 18.

Are you going to see The Last Stand?


Chad Butrum
Written by Chad Butrum
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