Crane Lake Pinot Noir

Bub’s doing a wine review, suckahs, for two reasons: One he’s drunk, and two wine is red like blood and zombies and shit. This wine happens to be a bottle of four buck chuck aka Crane Lake Pinto [sic] Noir. Noir means death and shit in France and Pinto is either a shitty car they make in France, or it means that this wine is made out of beans — but this don’t taste like no bean wine. Would a bum that only drinks Pino Noir be considered a beano?

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What you want to do with this here wine is let it air out in a decanter (that’s French for pretentious) for about a week. Then guzzle that shit like it’s nobody’s business.

Crane Lake Pinot Noir: Wine. Blood. French. Bub. 

Oh yeah it’s good once you air it out. See ya next time, suckahs.

Bub's review of Crane Lake Pinot Noir

Mike "Bub" Pence
Written by Mike "Bub" Pence
Beer enthusiast Mike "Bub" Pence is something of an expert by consumption and is currently well on his way to reaching his goal of trying 5,000 different beers. His irreverence and lack of pretension qualifies him as a 40oz. Of Horror contributor. You can follow him on Twitter @bubsbeerblog and check out his blog at