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We came, we saw, drank some beer. That’s right, we were on the convention trail — taking us back, once again, to Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis… a.k.a. Jamie Lee Curtis-fest.

Typically Horrorhound Weekend Indianapolis brings a crazy party with an atmosphere that is top-notch in the horror convention scene, but this one revolved around the first, last, and only convention appearance of one Jamie Lee Curtis. The crowd was atypical for a horror convention to say the least. While we did manage to have fun (custom 40oz. Of Horror Cooler O’Doom in tow), there really wasn’t much to see at this particular Horrorhound other than Curtis herself — but we can’t forget that this event was special and supported a good cause. All proceeds regarding Curtis were donated to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

There were some horror highlights however.

We sat down with Marketing Director Jeff Nelson and Acquisition Manager / DVD Producer Cliff MacMillan from Shout! Factory to discuss the badassness of the line of Scream Factory releases. Leading up to the interview, we imagined that only horror fans such as ourselves could be responsible for the greatness coming out of Shout, but in the back of our minds feared that we were about to hang out with some stuffy Hollywood suits. We were relieved to find out these guys are legit — horror fans through and through.

Check out the interview, Horrorhound Weekend recap… maybe a little Boozin’ Gone Bad, and more in episode #31!

Chad Butrum
Written by Chad Butrum
Staunch Freddy fan Chad Butrum enjoys all things horror and is one half of the 40 oz. Of Horror Podcast. His other interests include heavy metal, baseball and bottled beer. Follow Chad on Twitter @TheChadButrum