Do I have your attention now?

If you’re a horror fan and a red-blooded dude then you’re probably aware that the new movie Hitchcock stars bombshell Scarlett Johansson.

Hitchcock, which tells the story of the making of the classic horror movie Psycho in 1959, features Scarlett Johansson as the original Psycho scream queen Janet Leigh.

Hitchcock also stars Anthony Hopkins as director Alfred Hitchcock, Jessica Biel, Toni Collette, James D’Arcy, Ralph Macchio and Helen Mirren as Hitchock’s wife, Alma Reville.

Johansson recently sat down with V magazine to talk about what it’s like to strip down and take a shower on camera.

“You have got to be brave, get into the shower, and face Anthony Hopkins as Hitchcock jabbing you in the face with a 12-inch kitchen knife,” Johansson tells V magazine, “As much as Anthony Hopkins is a pussycat, he’s terrifying. Maybe I watched Silence of the Lambs too many times when I was a kid. Maybe I was having some flashbacks. So I didn’t need too much preparation for the scene.”

Hitchcock will arrive in theaters on November 23.

Check out the trailer below. Are you excited for Hitchcock?

Brandon Gentry
Written by Brandon Gentry
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