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For my first movie review [at 40oz. Of Horror] I have chosen Smiley (2012). Smiley starts off immediately at a high pace — establishing just what the movie is going to be about — an internet based urban legend that kills the person you are chatting with when typing a phrase three times.  So basically an internet version of Candyman combined with Scream; not that I would say this is a bad thing, but it’s not completely an original idea.

Throughout the movie Ashley (Caitlin Gerard – The Social Network) tries to find out who or what Smiley is. While doing so she is seen as a fucking crazy bitch who is on drugs or suffering from some psychotic break. The acting was OK considering it is a slasher flick. There was quite a bit of fast paced action and a fair amount of pretty gruesome deaths, and to top it off, it was good enough to keep me watching. I would not tell everyone that this movie is junk, I would pretty much describe this movie as a typical slasher with no real originality that sets it apart from any other slasher movie.

Originality Rating: 4 out of 10
Scare Rating: 5 out of 10

Horror fans around the world: watch this movie if only to get the opportunity to see some killing and another take on slasher films. You won’t love it, but you won’t completely hate it. You can blame me after you watch the film if you hate it, however I will not give a shit!

I watched the movie and survived so will you!

What did you think of Smiley?

Tom H.
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