Walkers worthy of walk-on Walking Dead roles (see what I did there?) are expected to invade San Diego next month.

An anti-terrorism summit in San Diego will feature a 40oz. Of Horror dream — a zombie apocalypse training scenario is officially going down!

Along with mock terror attack exercises and disaster response drills, HALO security corp. is bringing in a hungry hoard of zombies to terrorize law enforcement at the five-day summit, to be held in late October and early November on a 44-acre island in the city’s Mission Bay section.

“We’ve decided to throw a whimsical spin on a very well-respected training exercise,” HALO chief Brad Barker told FOX News.

According to the Army Times. more than 1,000 police, soldiers, security workers and government authorities attend the annual conference, which provides training through lifelike demonstrations, exercises, and lectures.

“What you’ve got is chaos, mass casualties and a whole lot of confusion,” he told FOX News. “What we’re looking to do is to recreate the chaos.”

If you remember back in June we reported on a string of “real life” zombie attacks led to an official statement by the CDC about a potential zombie apocalypse.

Do you have a plan for the impending zombie apocalypse?

Brandon Gentry
Written by Brandon Gentry
Brandon Gentry is a horror fan, Media Director & contributor for 40ozOfHorror.com. You can hear him drinking malt liquor as a regular guest on the 40oz. of Horror Podcast Follow Brandon on Twitter @brandongentry.