If we didn’t consume copious amounts of alcohol at horror conventions, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs.

…and consume we did!

Beers were downed by the dozens this weekend at one of the premier horror cons to grace the Hoosier capital. I’m talking about  Horrorhound Weekend Indianapolis. Almost 24 hours after the fact I am still nursing the remnants of a killer hangover headache. I have consumed enough Gatorade today to last me a lifetime.

On to Horrorhound Weekend…

No disrespect to event creators, coordinators and putters-on Horrorhound Magazine (because they do a tremendous job), but the thing that really makes this particular con so great year after year are the fans and the location. Visitors are free and able to create a party amongst themselves like no other — largely in part due to the facility amenities at the Marriott Indianapolis East convention center which is located smack dab in the middle of Indianapolis’s near east side.

Besides a shitload of conference rooms for holding the event, the Marriott offers an incredible courtyard with fire pits and comfortable seating, a fine dining experience in the newly remodeled bar and an indoor pool. Combine all this shit with more than enough mommy and daddy drinks to go around and Horrorhound Weekend Indianapolis quickly evolves into an 80s movie house party that would make even Kid and Play jealous.

Many horror celebrities were in attendance during the three day festivity, but a handful stood out with the 40oz. crew. Our first interaction was with Lance Henriksen (Aliens, The Terminator, and Millennium). Our discussion with Lance upgraded (or downgraded depending on your level of humor) into an impromptu interview held in a public bathroom. Cut to James, Chad, James’s brother Chris, and myself crammed in a stall with Lance Henriksen sitting on the throne.

Watch the interview: Live From the Shitter with Lance Henriksen

“Combine all this shit with more than enough mommy and daddy drinks to go around and Horrorhound Weekend Indianapolis quickly evolves into an 80s movie house party that would make even Kid and Play jealous.”

Danny Cooksey - 40oz Of Horror

Danny Cooksey jumps in on the podcast.

Later that evening we met Danny Cooksey (Diff’rent Strokes, Salute Your Shorts, and T2: Judgment Day). Danny was the most chill, laid back, nicest guy we met. The conversation was like what you’d expect from an old friend. This was Danny’s first ever convention appearance and we were happy to get a chance to spend some time with him. He told us what it was like to be a child actor on the greatest Nickelodeon show of all time, Salute Your Shorts. Biggest surprise there? It was produced by the same company as Twin Peaks… No shit!

On Saturday we talked Indiana High School football with none other than Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead and The Devil’s Rejects). Damn that was awesome! Ken, a fellow Hoosier, is never at a loss for words and is as friendly as they come. Our conversation then switched gears… to more Hoosier sports: IU Basketball. In case you’re wondering. Ken thinks this is the year for the Cream & Crimson and I do too. No sooner than we finished talking to Ken, Chad and I found ourselves starstruck and shaking like 15 year old dorks asking the prom queen to dance. We were face to face with Nancy Thompson herself, Heather Langenkamp (A Nightmare on Elm Street and Just the Ten of Us). Granted Heather is largely only known for being the original Elm Street child — a topic she explores in her documentary I Am Nancy, but come on, we’re talking about the first person to take down the Springwood Slasher here! Chad was shaking like a leaf on a tree and I wasn’t much better as I stammered and fumbled for the camera button on my iPhone. I could make the argument that I had a beer in one hand, but I know what was really going through my ever-present 13 year old brain.

Listen to the Horrohound Weekend episode here

That night after the event wrapped, we stumbled into the courtyard — double cupping Miller High Lifes all the way. Our celebrity detectors set to kill, we spotted the Terminator’s terminator Sarah Connor, or as she’s called outside the nerdrome (a.k.a. real life), Linda Hamilton (The Terminator, T2: Judgement Day, and Dante’s Peak). Linda Hamilton.. are you for real? Even my dad was liking the Facebook photos I was posting of meeting Linda. Maybe it’s because of our debonaire charm, maybe there was something in that cool midnight air, maybe it was the way my eyes crossed as beer dripped from my beard, but Linda was super sweet and kind to the three of us. If you ask Chad, he recalls the one minute, twenty-seven second interaction as a steamy romance novel where he and Linda reenacted the ending to Grease.

All in all the event was seriously bitchin’, but the best part was definitely the fans, hands down. From crazy costumes, to crazy people, you always know what to expect at Horrorhound Weekend Indianapolis… good friends and a good time. And if you’re towing around a large cooler full of beer, then all the better.

Come find us at Horrorhound Weekend Indianapolis in November. We will be the ones towing around a large cooler.

Will you be there?

Linda Hamilton - 40oz Of Horror

Brandon Gentry
Written by Brandon Gentry
Brandon Gentry is a horror fan, Media Director & contributor for 40ozOfHorror.com. You can hear him drinking malt liquor as a regular guest on the 40oz. of Horror Podcast Follow Brandon on Twitter @brandongentry.