Het Anker’s Lucifer
ABV 8%

Bub’s at it again with the horror themed beers. Getting sick of it yet? I’ll bet not. Sure, this is probably more biblical themed than horror, but Satan does make his way into some horror flicks. I’m not a horror expert, so I’ll just leave that to James and Chad. Who knows? Maybe this very blog could convince them to do a Lucifer themed podcast or at least an article. How about it 40oz of Horror? The people want Satan…er, at least reviews/comments on movies with Satan in them.

I’m a big fan of picking a beer based on the name and/or labeling. I guess when your life’s goal is to try 5,000 unique beers, you have to pick some kind of method to begin drinking. I could go alphabetically, but what’s the fun in that?  So, this bottle of Lucifer caught my eye, firstly because the label is cool. Who doesn’t like a cartoonish-looking Lucifer standing on top of his name with some sweet flames in the background? Plus, the bottle had a cork. Maybe the cork is to put up your bum after you drink this brew? After all WWSD (What Would Satan Do)—I think he would put the cork in your pooper.

So, some insight into my nickname/pen name/blog name and a tie to this delicious Belgian brew: When I drink, I’m known as Bub. Sometimes when I morph into Bub, Bub ends up drinking too much and turns into Beezelbub—I know it’s spelled wrong, but that’s how “Bub” pronounces it.  Beelzebub (correct spelling) is another name for Satan. So, there you have it. And yes, my alter ego has an alter ego.

“I think satan would put the cork in your pooper.”

Enough about me, and more about the beer! The beer is a Belgian pale ale, which is basically taking a general term for a type of beer and combining with another general term. Whatever. The beer has a hoppy essence to it but is not overwhelming. In the background is a yeast taste, a spice and hay-like quality that when blended together is actually quite nice. Belgians aren’t for everyone, but if this sounds like something you would enjoy, then by all means, try this beer. The finish was also quite good with more of the yeast shining through. I find this to be the case with a lot of Belgians. Those Belgians—always high and mighty with their yeast infections, pssh.

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Bub’s Rating*

Taste: 34oz
Aroma: 37oz
Appearance: 37oz
Palate: 34oz
Overall: 36oz

*Ratings out of 40oz of Horror

Mike "Bub" Pence
Written by Mike "Bub" Pence
Beer enthusiast Mike "Bub" Pence is something of an expert by consumption and is currently well on his way to reaching his goal of trying 5,000 different beers. His irreverence and lack of pretension qualifies him as a 40oz. Of Horror contributor. You can follow him on Twitter @bubsbeerblog and check out his blog at www.BubsBeerBlog.com.