rigor mortis quadrupel

Bub’s Beer Count: 437
Beer: Rigor Mortis Quadrupel
Brewery: Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel
ABV: 10.5%

Well for those who follow me on Twitter (@Bubsbeerblog) or Facebook (facebook.com/bubsbeerblog), you should know by now that I was on a diet and therefore couldn’t drink for a couple of weeks. It’s safe to say that I can officially drink again and in fact did so a little too much over the weekend in Louisville. I might have actually blacked out, wandered away from my group and got lost somewhere in downtown Louisville. Thankfully, some cops found me on top of a parking garage and were able to contact my friends (Shout out to Brandon Gentry for taking care of my drunk ass) and safely take me back to my hotel.

Moral of the story:

“Don’t black out in Louisville; you might get raped.

It is Kentucky after all.

Continuing with the horror theme, I decided to buy a beer called Rigor Mortis Quadrupel. My inner pervert was enticing me to buy it, and yes, as I was buying it, I  had stiffies, boners and wood on the brain—I don’t swing that way for those who are curious; I just perpetually have the mind of a 13- year- old.  I took this stiff bottle home and tried it out.

Stiffies, boners and wood on the brain

Rigor Mortis is a Quadrupel. If the Quadrupel thing confuses you, then you’re not alone. There is really no standard of what a Quadrupel is, but typically, they’re a Belgian-style brew that tends to be over 10% ABV. This was definitely in that category. The alcohol wasn’t overwhelming and the beer had  several different layers of flavor. The start was almost a Saison taste of hay or straw; the middle was sweeter. The aftertaste was reminiscent of a sour but not ultra vinegary. It was a very complex beer, in my opinion. Despite all of this, I still thought that this beer was nothing special. It was good but not ‘Top 50’ territory or anything—maybe not even ‘Top 100’ territory. We may never know because I’ll probably never compile a list. The competition is stiff. Tee hee.

Bub’s Rating*

Taste: 31
Aroma: 36
Appearance: 39
Palate: 28
Overall: 33

*Ratings out of 40oz of Horror

Mike "Bub" Pence
Written by Mike "Bub" Pence
Beer enthusiast Mike "Bub" Pence is something of an expert by consumption and is currently well on his way to reaching his goal of trying 5,000 different beers. His irreverence and lack of pretension qualifies him as a 40oz. Of Horror contributor. You can follow him on Twitter @bubsbeerblog and check out his blog at www.BubsBeerBlog.com.