Episode #73 - How you doin'?

Recently, a Twitter follower asked 40oz. of Horror to list their favorite horror movies of the ’80s. It would be pretty much impossible for James and Chad to agree on the official top 10, top to bottom and in a specific order, so they presented a dual list:

Correction: James was drunk and had a hard time understanding what 1980s meant. Please feel free to leave him lots of hate mail.

Listen to Chad and James talk about their lists here.

Chad: Halloween III: Season of the Witch • I don’t even think that would make a lot of people’s countdowns. It’s a highly underrated movie.

James: Deathdream • It’s a different take on the whole zombie scenario. It’s fantastic.

Chad: Night of the Demons • Not the shitty remake. It’s one of those movies where I’d never heard of it, found it, watched it, and it was fantastic.

James: The Sentinel • I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but it’s got this whole religious aspect to it. Just watch it. And it’s got fantastic makeup and special effects.

Chad: Evil Dead II • Phenomenal movie. Everyone knows it. Love it.

James: Aliens • Everyone’s seen Aliens.

Chad: Return of the Living Dead • A perfect blend of the era – it mixes punk rock and ’80s horror cheese.

James: Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood • The introduction of Kane Hodder, the sleeping bag kill, the best costumes.

Chad: Gremlins • I don’t know that many people consider it a horror movie, but it has some scary parts in it. Joe Dante originally meant for that movie to be much more gory and horrific. Love the bar scene.

James: The Entity • One of those house-haunting movies – but the spin for me is the entity actually becomes a physical being, somewhat.

Chad: The Fly • This movie had a major influence on me – I think it had a major influence on a lot of people. Cronenberg’s Fly is fantastic. Some of the scenes are just crazy.

James: An American Werewolf in London • It’s awesome. There’s a first act, and there’s a second act to the movie.

Chad: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors • Surprisingly, this movie isn’t higher. It’s my favorite. Freddy is my guy. Of all of them, I think that’s the best one.

James: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 • The gore, the darkness.

Chad: They Live • I will watch it anytime that it’s on.

James: Day of the Dead: A lot of people celebrate Night and Dawn.

Chad: The Blob • The ’80s remake of The Blob is a movie that I will never, ever forget. That movie scarred me as a child.

James: The Changeling • It is the best haunted house story of all time.

The Thing • Chad: There is no better horror movie ever than the thing.

James: It’s amazing all around – 100-percent perfect movie.

Chad: I wish there were more movies like it.

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