Mikkeller Beer

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Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel: Cognac
ABV: 10.9%

I swear it’s not a fetish

I was reluctant to buy this beer when I first laid eyes on it at the store, but not because I heard that it was made with Kopi Luwak coffee, which is coffee that has been picked out of the poop of the Asian Palm Civet then washed (thank God), roasted and packaged. I welcomed the poop factor; in fact, I was a little excited about it — I swear it’s not a fetish. I was reluctant to buy the beer because it was $14 for a 9 oz. bottle. The reason this beer is so pricey is because the coffee from which this brew is made runs about $50 a cup. I’m no miser, but that is a little rich for my tastes. So after much deliberation, I decided to take the plunge. I even made a list of the reasons to make myself feel better about my purchase, and lucky for you, they’re included in this blog.

Reasons to buy poop beer:

#1: It’s made from poop! How often is beer made from poop?

#2: It’s aged in cognac barrels. Cognac happens to be one of my favorite liquors. I’m secretly a rapper by night.

#3: It’s made by Mikkeller, which is what they refer to in the biz as a “ghost brewery.” This basically means that Mikkeller has no brewery, but he travels and brews beer at other breweries, so chances are this beer might not be on the shelves for long.

#4: It’s made from poop.

#5: I have yet to sample a Mikkeller beer that was below a rating of 35oz of Horror — a damn good brewer.

“It was like pouring the smoke monster from Lost into a glass.”

Now that I’ve listed the justifications of why I purchased this beer, we can move on to the beer itself. When I poured the beer, I was a little taken aback by how dark it was. It was like pouring the smoke monster from Lost into a glass. I expected the pour to make noises like one of them-there typewriting machines, heeyuck. However, that never happened. There was little to no head once the beer was poured, so maybe a few points off in that department. Mikkeller should take some pointers from your mom for future beers when it comes to the head. The beer itself is a stout, which is typically dark and heavy, and this beer did not disappoint in that department. Weasel’s consistency looked thick and heavy, but in the mouth, it was lighter than expected, much like my wiener in your mom’s mouth. (OK, last mom joke.)

This light taste is not necessarily a bad thing, since most people don’t like drinking mud. The alcohol content wasn’t overwhelming, which can happen with a higher ABV. It was easy to see why this is the most expensive coffee in the world. The beer was very smooth and not bitter. The bitterness of the coffee is supposedly stripped through the digestive tract of the weasel-like animal. I tried this once as a cheaper alternative but found that humans do not possess the same bitterness-extracting quality. Other than the obvious tastes of coffee and chocolate, the flavor of cognac was evident as well. It wasn’t as prevalent as the coffee and chocolate, but it was a nice goodbye as the beer made its way down my esophagus. No homo.

Mikkeller Beer in a Jar

It’s made from poop!

Bub’s Rating*

Taste: 36oz of horror
Aroma: 38oz of horror
Appearance: 37oz of horror
Palate: 35oz of horror
Overall: 37oz of horror

*Ratings out of 40oz of Horror

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Written by Mike "Bub" Pence
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