James: “Anyone can die at anytime.”

It’s common knowledge in the 40 Oz. of Horror world that Chad and James approach, consume and review their horror in wildly different manners. Whereas James was poised and ready to devour the new and highly anticipated issue of The Walking Dead, Chad took his time, anxious about what the pages might reveal about the beloved (and be-feared?) characters.

They both marveled at the downright badness of a new villain, whose behavior, they believe, at least rivals that of the Governor.

“The Governor’s whole arc was just so vile,” Chad said, but this new guy quickly reaches untouched territory, including – spoiler – threatening to sodomize Carl in front of a beardy Rick.

“I threw the comic when I was done with it,” James said.

Issue 100 is certainly an important milestone for the series, and while the TV show has plenty of catching up to do, readers of the comic are no doubt wondering how long the storyline can last.

“He knows where he wants to end,” said Chad of author Robert Kirkman. The creator, he said, knows certain plot points he wants to hit on the way to his conclusion and fills in the gaps.

What are your thoughts on Issue 100? Did it shock you? What are your predictions for the future of the plot?

Check out Episode #23 for more information.

Brandon Gentry
Written by Brandon Gentry
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