Friday the 13th: Part 2Friday the 13th: Part 2

1981 R 86 minutes

The counselors at a new camp near the site of the horrible bloodbath at Camp Crystal Lake fear Jason might come back to avenge his mother’s death.

Cast: Amy Steel, John Furey, Adrienne King
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Friday the 13th: Part 7: The New BloodFriday the 13th: Part 7: The New Blood

1988 R 88 minutes

Jason is released from his watery grave at the bottom of Crystal Lake by a telekinetic teen who returned to the site where her dad supposedly drowned.

Cast: Jennifer Banko, John Otrin, Susan Blu

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James Dunn
Written by James Dunn
James Dunn is cohost of the 40oz. Of Horror Podcast. Raised on late night television and Sammy Terry, he is a rabid horror cinephile who enjoys making monsters in his spare time. Follow him on Twitter @JamesDunn81.