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You heard it here first! 40oz. Of Horror! Podcast has officially coined a hashtag for the horror industry, #FrighteningFollowFriday. Based off the popular #FollowFriday (#FF) hashtag, #FrighteningFollowFriday works the exact same way, but is specifically dedicated to the horror industry and fans alike.

How Does #FrighteningFollowFriday Work?

It’s simple! Every Friday tweet the names of your favorite horror Twitter accounts along with the hashtag #FrighteningFollowFriday.

#FrighteningFollowFriday Example:

Feel free to copy and paste the following tweet for your first #FrighteningFollowFriday… we’d appreciate it 🙂

#FrighteningFollowFriday @40ozOfHorror @TheChadButrum @JamesDunn81 @BrandonGentry

Brandon Gentry
Written by Brandon Gentry
Brandon Gentry is a horror fan, Media Director & contributor for 40ozOfHorror.com. You can hear him drinking malt liquor as a regular guest on the 40oz. of Horror Podcast Follow Brandon on Twitter @brandongentry.