While doing an interview with MTV about his appearance in Lady Gaga’s new music video for “Judas,” Norman Reedus revealed a few tidbits about season 2 of The Walking Dead.  Here are a few excerpts:

“We’re in the woods this time. The first season we did the city … but this time we’re in the country. I think it gets a little more hardcore this season.”

“They actually let me talk to some of the people I don’t usually get to talk to, and I’ve heard some stories about what’s going to go down. I’m really excited to get back to it.” And “I think I have a little bit of hero stuff coming, which I’m excited about. If I tell you more than that, I’ll probably get bit by a zombie the first day I get down there.”

“I do know that my brother is not The Governor,” he said. “That I can say, because I’ve heard Frank [Darabont] say it.”

Glad we’re finally getting some actual interesting news bits about season 2.

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Chad Butrum
Written by Chad Butrum
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